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Home Remedies For Treating Sinus Congestion

adobestock 245369435 There are numerous causes of a stuffy nose from colds to allergies to nasal polyps. However, there are some home remedies for treating sinus congestion that may help.

1.  Clean out the gunk: Thick mucus, whether from allergies or a sinus infection, can obstruct the breathing passages of your nose. Using a saline rinse can help to clean the nasal airway. Try a saline irrigation system or nasal wash twice a day.

2. Humidify the airways: Using a gentle steam treatment or a commercially available vaporizer to humidify the nasal passages can help decrease dry secretions within the nose. Using a diffuser with eucalyptus or peppermint oil adds a sensation of more open nasal airways.

3. Treat allergies: Using an allergy nasal spray such as Flonase or Nasacort plus an antihistamine is the first-line treatment for allergies. These can help ease nasal congestion due to allergic rhinitis.

4. Find out the cause: If the methods listed above don’t bring about total relief, it’s time to see an ENT physician to check out the cause of the congestion. It may be a blockage caused by a deviated nasal septum, enlarged turbinates, nasal polyps, or even a sinus infection.

Whatever the cause, we can help with proper diagnosis and treatment!  Call or email us today to make an appointment.

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