“I had sinus surgery by Dr. Sikand for polyps and infection. I have had this procedure two other times before as an outpatient in the hospital. Not a fun procedure since I am especially sensitive to anesthesia. When he told me it is an office procedure I was shocked! How could he do this while I was wide awake? He assured me I would be very drowsy and would feel no pain. And he was right! I walked out of his office about an hour and a half later with my husband and went home and went to sleep for the rest of the day. The recovery process was explained to me by Samantha and I just followed her directions and everything went well. I was on tons of nose sprays and decongestants before and very miserable with sleeping at night, tasting, smelling, and breathing on a 24 hour basis. After the surgery, no more meds except for 2 shots of Flonase a day to keep the polyps from growing back. This was the best surgery I have ever had and I am so pleased with the result! Thank you to the doctor and his very fine staff for taking such good care of me! –Arlene