I have been suffering with sinus issues for so long I thought it was a normal way of life, miserable and unable to sleep, I messaged ENT late one night in July. Samantha contacted me by next morning and had me in to see Dr. Sikand within the week, after a CAT scan it was determined I was 100% blockage and would require Polyp surgery..within two weeks I had the procedure done at ENT clinic..though given anxiety meds to relax..I did not take them, this was the best 20MIN I ever spent of my life and with minimal pain..I for the first time in at least 10yrs could breathe through my nose and not mouth. The staff is of excellence and Dr. Sikand is truly the best…of course I am partial to Samantha, she’s my ANGEL. Thank you ENT for a new “Sense” in life that I had forgotten existed.