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What Is A Nasal Endoscopy?

Nasal endoscopy is a diagnostic procedure that is performed in the office setting. The doctor uses this to examine the inside of the nasal passages. It allows him to see the areas not possible by standard examination. It is important to correctly diagnose the underlying cause of the symptoms in patients suffering from nasal and sinus problems.

Dr. Ashley Sikand uses a specialized telescope (or endoscope) with a fiber-optic light source to evaluate the nasal passages and the areas in which the sinuses drain.

drawing of a nasal endoscopy being performed

Purpose Of A Nasal Endoscopy

  • Evaluate the condition of the mucous membrane to determine if allergies are a significant part.
  • Assess the presence of nasal polyps and turbinate enlargement.
  • Examine a deviated nasal septum as well as determine its severity.
  • Confirm the presence of active infection, any abnormal growths, or conditions within the nasal passages.

Nasal Endoscopy Las Vegas

If the nasal cavity is unusually narrow or the nasal lining is very swollen, you may experience minor discomfort. In general, most patients do not experience any pain with this procedure.

A topical mixture of a nasal decongestant and a local anesthetic is sprayed in the nose to help make this procedure more comfortable. After a short time, this will gently reduce the swelling in the nasal membranes and temporarily numb the nose to permit an easy passage of the endoscope.

Nasal endoscopy tool

The nasal endoscopy endoscope is very thin and only 3 mm in diameter. Dr. Sikand will look in both nostrils with the scope to evaluate the nasal cavity.

This test typically takes 1-2 minutes to perform. Usually, there are no complications and does not require any “down-time”.

Am I Awake for the Nasal Endoscopy?

Yes. It's understandable that you may feel slightly nervous about undergoing a nasal endoscopy. Rest assured, we've performed many of these minor scopes and, as with all treatments, work with the utmost gentleness and precision. You do not need to be sedated for your nasal endoscopy to remain comfortable and calm. The entire process may be over in two minutes or less.

Is the Nasal Endoscopy Procedure Painful?

The reason most people feel nervous about having a nasal endoscopy done is that they fear they will experience pain. To prevent this, Dr. Sikand will apply a topical numbing spray to the nasal passages. It takes just a few minutes to work. At first, it may taste bitter as it runs down the back of the throat. The topical agent works quickly to numb tissue sensations and it typically lasts about half an hour, much longer than it takes to perform the diagnostic test! During your scope, you shouldn't feel pain but you can expect to feel pressure; the sensation of the thin tube as it passes to your sinuses. After the nasal endoscope, your nasal passages or sinuses may feel slightly sore for a couple of days. You may manage this minor discomfort with over-the-counter medication if needed.

How Should I Prepare for My Nasal Endoscopy?

Because the diagnostic nasal endoscopy takes so little time, you may have no precautions to follow ahead of time. After your consultation, the doctor may advise you to avoid using medications or supplements that act as blood thinners. Examples include aspirin, ibuprofen, and Gingko Biloba. You can eat and drink normally on the morning of your endoscopy.

Is a Nasal Endoscopy Needed for Chronic Sinusitis?

If you present with frequent, recurrent, or chronic sinus infections, your doctor may suggest taking a look inside your nasal passages or sinuses. The endoscopic procedure can observe the mucosal lining of these areas and may also be used to obtain a direct culture of sinus drainage. The purpose of obtaining a small sample of your sinus drainage is to determine the type of bacteria that is contributing to your chronic infection status. Knowing which bacteria are present, Dr. Sikand can then plan the most appropriate course of treatment using antibiotics, if warranted.

What is Sinus Lavage and Why is it Done?

Sinus lavage is a type of endoscopic procedure that may be done in conjunction with a balloon sinuplasty, also an endoscopic procedure. The balloon sinuplasty is performed to resolve an obstruction by compressing the soft tissue at the opening of the sinuses. After the nasal passages and sinus are open, lavage may be performed to wash away all of the secretions and also treat the sinuses with an antibiotic solution to prevent infection.

See What Our Patients Have To Say!

Dr. Sikand is an awesome doctor who I would highly recommend to anyone that is in need of a good ENT. He helped me be able to breathe normally with a procedure that I was awake for and only had 1 day of recovery. He made sure that I was comfortable and his personable office staff made sure to keep in touch with me via text throughout my recovery and post-op. I am very pleased with the outcome of my procedure and the care I received from Ear Nose & Throat Consultants of Nevada - Kama M.

Is Nasal Endoscopy Covered by Insurance?

Most insurance plans including Medicare cover nasal endoscopy. Our office will obtain authorization if your insurance plan requires it. Additional co-pays may apply. In some cases, your insurance company may apply this to your calendar year deductible and/or coinsurance rate. A staff member will gladly help explain this if you need assistance.

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