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Nasal endoscopy is a diagnostic procedure that is performed in the office setting. The doctor uses this to examine the inside of the nasal passages. It allows him to see the areas not possible by standard examination. It is important to correctly diagnose the underlying cause of the symptoms in patients suffering from nasal and sinus problems.

Dr. Sikand uses a specialized telescope (or endoscope) with a fiber-optic light source to evaluate the nasal passages and the areas in which the sinuses drain.



  • Evaluate the condition of the mucous membrane to determine if allergies are a significant part.
  • Assess the presence of nasal polyps and turbinate enlargement.
    Examine a deviated nasal septum as well as determine its severity.
  • Confirm the presence of active infection, any abnormal growths, or conditions within the nasal passages.


If the nasal cavity is unusually narrow or the nasal lining is very swollen, you may experience minor discomfort. In general, most patients do not experience any pain with this procedure.

A topical mixture of a nasal decongestant and a local anesthetic is sprayed in the nose to help make this procedure more comfortable. After a short time, this will gently reduce the swelling in the nasal membranes and temporarily numb the nose to permit an easy passage of the endoscope.

Nasal endoscopy

Nasal endoscopyThe endoscope is very thin and only 3 mm in diameter. Dr. Sikand will look in both nostrils with the scope to evaluate the nasal cavity.

This test typically takes 1-2 minutes to perform. Usually, there are no complications and does not require any “down-time”.

Is Nasal Endoscopy Covered by Insurance?

Most insurance plans including Medicare cover nasal endoscopy. Our office will obtain authorization if your insurance plan requires it. Additional co-pays may apply. In some cases, your insurance company may apply this to your calendar year deductible and/or coinsurance rate. A staff member will gladly help explain this if you need assistance.

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