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Can balloon sinuplasty help you?

Sinusitis isn’t just annoying – it can be very painful, and it can affect every area of your life, from working to playing to even sleeping. You have a few options when it comes to dealing with your sinusitis; one of these is balloon sinuplasty. Read on for some more information about balloon sinuplasty and how it […]

Nasal Turbinate Reduction Surgery

Nasal Turbinate Reduction Surgery   Q:  What are nasal turbinates?A:  The nasal turbinates are out-croppings of bone covered with mucous membranes on the sides of the nasal passages. There are three turbinates on each side of the nose- lower, middle and upper (also called inferior, middle and superior). Enlargement of the lower turbinates is referred […]

Do you have nasal polyps?

If you feel like you always have a cold or stuffy nose, nasal polyps may be the cause. So what are nasal polyps and what can be done about them? What are nasal polyps? These soft, swollen, sac-like growths are fairly common, and anyone can have them. They line the inside of the nose and the sinuses, […]

Use of intranasal steroids for rhinitis and sinusitis

Use of intranasal steroids for rhinitis and sinusitis   Use of intranasal steroids for rhinitis and sinusitis delivered directly to the nasal mucosa have been a mainstay of treatment for allergic rhinitis and chronic rhinitis for decades. Nasal spray delivery systems have been used for over 30 years. Basically, steroids are potent anti-inflammatory medications and […]

Visit Nevada Sinus Relief and Breathe Better

Breathing is, really, something we take for granted – until there is a problem and you just aren’t breathing as you should be. Nevada Sinus Relief is here for you if sinus issues are keeping you from working, playing, and even relaxing. Read on for more information about how Nevada Sinus Relief can help you! What conditions […]

Smoking and Sleep Issues

You no doubt know how smoking affects your health, but did you know that it can affect your sleep habits, too? Read on for some more information about how smoking can lead to snoring and can cause serious problems with your sleep. 4+ things you should know about smoking and your sleep 1. You have probably been […]

Snoring and A Blocked Nose

A severely stuffy or blocked nose is a leading cause of snoring. When we can’t breathe through our nose when sleeping we automatically resort to “plan B” which is to breathe through the mouth in order to get enough oxygen to the lungs. Mouth breathing, in turn, increases snoring because the soft tissues of the […]

Nose breathing versus mouth breathing

Nose breathing versus mouth breathing   Nose breathing versus mouth breathing has numerous benefits that can impact our health.  When we are born, nature conditions us to breathe preferentially through the nose. In fact infants are obligate nose breathers. First, breathing through the nose allows for humidification and filtering of the air we breath and […]

Recurrent Sinusitis

Recurrent Sinusitis   Do you suffer from multiple sinus infections every year? If you require treatment for a sinus infection four or more times a year you may fall into a category known as recurrent acute sinusitis. There may be different reasons for recurring infections including immune problems or allergies. However, many people with recurrent […]

Nevada Sinus Relief

The journey towards establishing Nevada Sinus Relief as a center focused on care of patients with sinus problems began with the objective of merging customized and personal medical care with the best advances in technology based on research and outcomes. Let’s start with the advent of balloon catheter dilation of the sinus openings to relieve […]

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