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The importance of breathing through your nose

It is estimated that 30-50% of adults are predominant mouth breathers! This is despite mounting evidence that nose breathing is much more beneficial to your health. In fact, nose breathing increases oxygen levels in your blood and aids sleep, reduces snoring and improves alertness during the day. Studies demonstrate that nasal blockage increases the chances […]

How do doctors determine if nasal blockages are present?

Nasal obstruction is common – one study estimated a prevalence of 25% in adults. However, determining the correct cause and selecting the right treatment to solve the problem is very important . Certainly ENT specialists have used examination with a telescope or endoscope as well as CT imaging to diagnose the problem and extent or […]

Which nose spray is right for me?

There is a plethora of nasal sprays available over the counter now and it may be difficult to figure out exactly what purpose each has. Let’s try and classify nose sprays and this should clarify their use. Nasal Steroids: Examples include Flonase and Nasacort as well as generic variations of these. Nasal steroids have been […]

What Is The Eustachian Tube And What Happens When Is Does Not Function Properly?

The eustachian tube is the tube or canal between the middle ear (the chamber behind the ear drum) and the back of the nose (nasopharynx). This tube functions to equalize the pressure in the middle ear and the ambient (outside) pressure in the environment. For example, when we go up in altitude (increase elevation in […]

Why Do My Ears Always Feel Stuffy?

Do your ears feel clogged up and stuffy all the time? It may be just annoying for some, but for others it can be quite painful and worrisome. There are a few different reasons why your ears may feel stuffy – are you wondering how serious this problem might be and if it’s time to […]

Are your allergies causing your sinusitis?

Sinusitis is a very common condition, and it can be caused by different things, such as nasal polyps, structural problems within the sinuses, or even the common cold. You might have sinusitis occasionally, or you may have it for a few months or more. It is important to determine why you have sinusitis so that the appropriate […]

Do you suffer with fall allergies?

Springtime is famous for causing allergies, but for some people autumn is just as bad, if not worse. Why do we have allergies when flowers aren’t throwing pollen into the air, and what can we do about them? Fall allergens Although trees and flowers are shutting everything down for the winter, there are still plenty of […]

Snoring Remedies You Can Try at Home

Snoring can be cute (say, if your beloved partner lets out a cute little “snort” every once in a while as they sleep), or it can be extremely loud and obnoxious (especially if you are keeping your partner awake). There are different reasons you may snore, but there are also a few things you can […]

What is a deviated septum?

Do you have a deviated septum? If so, you may not even know it! However, if it is severe enough it can cause a variety of problems. Here is some information on having a deviated septum and the problems it can cause. Is a deviated septum causing you problems? The septum is the thin wall between your […]

4+ Things You Should Know About Snoring

Snoring isn’t just annoying for your partner (and possibly everyone else in the house); it can also mean that there are serious health issues that should be addressed. Whether you have been snoring all of your life or you have just started, it’s not something you have to live with. What you need to know about snoring […]

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