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Will treating your sinuses help manage asthma?

Will treating your sinuses help manage asthma?    Under the concept of the unified airway, optimizing sinus treatment including relief from congestion, post nasal drainage and facial pressure has significant benefits for people who also have asthma. Numerous journal articles now underscore the advantages of correcting diseased sinuses in decreasing asthma attacks, reducing chronic cough, […]

Covid-19 and Sinus Disease

      Covid-19 and Sinus Disease Does having chronic sinusitis put you at increased risk for Covid-19? The short answer to this question is no. The novel corona-virus results in increased risk for developing a more serious form of the infection in patients with certain health conditions. These include lung problems, hypertension or high […]

Sinusitis Facts

Sinus problems are very common. In fact, according to the CDC, 28.9 million people (11.6% of the US population) have been diagnosed with chronic sinusitis. In addition, 14.7% of people had at least one episode of sinusitis in the past year. This results in 22 million visits to physicians each year. Sinusitis is basically an […]


The integration of a well trained Nurse Practitioner specializing in ENT/sinus conditions at Nevada Sinus Relief first began five years ago and has expanded with Zonia Fiesta, APRN joining our team. Zonia completed her formal education at the University of Washington and the University of Nevada. She worked as an Intensive Care Unit nurse and in […]

Recurrent Sinusitis

Do you suffer from multiple sinus infections every year? If you require treatment for a sinus infection four or more times a year, your episodes may fall into a category known as recurrent acute sinusitis. There may be different reasons for recurring infections including immune problems or allergies. However, many people with recurrent acute sinusitis […]

Use of Intranasal steroids for rhinitis and sinusitis

Use of intranasal steroids for rhinitis and sinusitis have been a mainstay of treatment for allergic rhinitis and chronic rhinitis for decades.  Nasal spray delivery systems have been used for over 30 years. Basically, steroids are potent anti-inflammatory medications.  They can decrease a number of symptoms associated with nose allergies and irritation of the nasal […]

Home Remedies For Treating Sinus Congestion

There are numerous causes of a stuffy nose from colds to allergies to nasal polyps. However, there are some home remedies for treating sinus congestion that may help. 1.  Clean out the gunk: Thick mucus, whether from allergies or a sinus infection, can obstruct the breathing passages of your nose. Using a saline rinse can […]

New Medication For Sinus and Nasal Polyps

A new medication for sinus and nasal polyps has been introduced to help patients with this condition, especially when polyps are recurrent. Nasal and sinus polyps develop as a result of inflammation within the sinus and nasal mucus membranes. This inflammatory reaction, frequently due to severe allergies, results in changes in the lining of the […]

Nasal Breathing

The health science behind nose or nasal breathing is highlighted in a new book entitled Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art. Ongoing research from Stanford as well as other sources tells us that breathing through the nose has significant health advantages over mouth breathing. Nasal breathing decreases snoring, improves treatment of sleep apnea, […]

Why Can’t I Smell?

This is a very timely subject because of the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. A recently published article in the prestigious IFAR (International Forum of Allergy & Rhinology) journal concluded that smell and taste loss was reported in 68% of Covid-19 positive patients. Fortunately, about 74% of these patients recovered their sense of smell after resolution of […]

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