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Image Guided Sinus Surgery

Image guided sinus surgery is essentially like using a sophisticated GPS system to navigate the sinuses when performing sinus surgery. This technology allows accuracy and precision in performing surgical techniques to alleviate blocked sinuses. In other words, it enhances safety and better results for patients.

During image guided surgery, Dr. Sikand uses instruments that are coordinated to the individual patient’s CT (CAT) scan in addition to endoscopic video imaging. This helps to determine the precise location of the natural sinus openings, diseased tissue, nasal polyps, and other structures within the nose and sinuses.

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Photos courtesy of Maile Narro

Nevada sinus relief has an in office CT scanner as well as state-of-the-art image guidance technology available for all in office sinus procedures. The most recently acquired system is called the Stryker Scopis Image Guidance System for sinus surgery. This system was developed in Germany and validated during thousands of sinus procedures.

Nevada Sinus Relief was one of the first four sites in North America to acquire this technology. In the past several years, and the course of many procedures, we have been very pleased with the performance of the navigation equipment and it’s assistance in achieving excellent surgical outcomes.

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