Eustachian Tube Dilation

Eustachian Tube Dilation

Eustachian tube dilation may be indicated when medical management for eustachian tube dysfunction fails. This can include medications such as allergy pills, oral decongestants, and nasal steroid sprays.

This technique uses a saline-filled balloon catheter has recently been used.  It has been shown in studies to be beneficial in managing chronic eustachian tube dysfunction.  According to a recently published study, about 70% of patients achieve successful long-term results after the procedure.


eustachian tube dilation


Frequently, Nevada Sinus Relief performs this procedure in conjunction with balloon sinus dilation in the office setting. The procedure itself is comfortable for the patient and takes approximately 2 minutes per side.

Currently, Dr. Sikand and his staff are participating in a nationwide research study to further evaluate the technique of this particular procedure.