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Diagnostic Tools

There are several diagnostic tools and tests that can be used to diagnose and treat sinus and nasal problems. In addition, if you experience ear pressure or a feeling of fullness, tests to help diagnose eustachian tube dysfunction may also be done.


A CT scan will give Dr. Sikand a complete view of your sinus anatomy. READ MORE

CT Sinus image coronal view


This is an important test done at your visit to help Dr. Sikand get a better look inside the nasal passage and sinus cavities. READ MORE



Mucous culture – In some cases, a culture is a helpful diagnostic tool especially if your condition does not improve with medication. If necessary, a sample may be collected and sent to an outside lab for analysis . This is done by gently swabbing inside the nose. There may also be times where a biopsy is needed, particularly during surgery, which will also be sent to an outside lab.

Lab Test Culture Swab

Tympanogram – For complaints of ear pressure and fullness, we may perform a tympanogram. A tympanogram is a simple test to measure the movement of your eardrum when air pressure in the ear canal is changed. This is done by using a tympanometer. It is painless and takes less than 10 seconds per ear. Valsalva maneuver can help equalize the air pressure in the ears. If you are unable to “clear” your ears, this may be from eustachian tube dysfunction.

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