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Patient testimonials

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After two years of dealing with chronic sinus infections and no energy, I had the balloon sinus dilation procedure and within four days I was able to return to my workouts with tons of energy. Dr. Sikand is fantastic!

I have been suffering with sinus issues for so long I thought it was a normal way of life, miserable and unable to sleep.. this (the surgery) was the best 20 minutes I ever spent of my life and with minimal pain…

I had sinus surgery in the office twice because of nasal polyps that keep coming back. Only injections were done the first time. I definitely felt those and had some minor pain during the surgery. The second time, I felt nothing since Dr. Sikand used the numbing gel. It was much better this go around.

Doctor Sikand is the BEST in Las Vegas. He is gentle and knows his field VERY well. My daughter had a sinus surgery last year, I had mine yesterday. I would HIGHLY recommend him. His staff is very nice, and I was even able to make payments on my deductible.

Seriously the most efficient office with a great staff! Zero wait time and everyone was friendly and gracious and Dr. Sikand explains everything so clearly.

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