“First, let me start by saying I work in the medical field and have been able to witness first-hand the surgeries performed and the quality and kind care Dr. Sikand gives to all his patients, which is ultimately why I chose him to become my doctor.

I had both the sinus surgery and my left ear ballooned open by Dr. Sikand. I have suffered for many years with sinus pressure issues, nasal breathing issues, sinus infections and ear pressure and pain. It just became a way of life for me after trying all other failed treatments and assumed it’s just what I had to be forced to deal with the rest of my life.

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way! I wish our paths would have crossed much sooner because even though I am still in the “healing phase” of post-op, I am doing so much better than I have been in over 20 years. If you are a patient looking for sinus and ear pain relief, look no further. Sinus surgery recovery is not fun for the first couple days after (I’m also hyper-sensitive to all sinus issues), but believe me when I say this….it is WELL WORTH it!

Thank you, Dr. Sikand, to you and your wonderful staff!!! You definitely know how to improve the quality of patients’ lives!” –  Helen

“Great doctor. Saw and examined me and immediately diagnosed my problem. After surgery I hardly snore and have lost my symptoms during allergy season. First class bedside manner and top quality medical care.” – QB

“Dr. Sikand performed a successful surgery on my sinuses to eliminate long term infection and allow me to breathe again. He is a fantastic doctor who won’t put you through a lot of unnecessary tests and expense. He is highly recommended to anyone with ongoing sinus problems.” – George

“I had sinus surgery by Dr. Sikand for polyps and infection. I have had this procedure two other times before as an outpatient in the hospital. Not a fun procedure since I am especially sensitive to anesthesia. When he told me it is an office procedure I was shocked! How could he do this while I was wide awake? He assured me I would be very drowsy and would feel no pain. And he was right! I walked out of his office about an hour and a half later with my husband and went home and went to sleep for the rest of the day. The recovery process was explained to me by Samantha and I just followed her directions and everything went well. I was on tons of nose sprays and decongestants before and very miserable with sleeping at night, tasting, smelling, and breathing on a 24 hour basis. After the surgery, no more meds except for 2 shots of Flonase a day to keep the polyps from growing back. This was the best surgery I have ever had and I am so pleased with the result! Thank you to the doctor and his very fine staff for taking such good care of me! –Arlene

I have been suffering with sinus issues for so long I thought it was a normal way of life, miserable and unable to sleep, I messaged ENT late one night in July. Samantha contacted me by next morning and had me in to see Dr. Sikand within the week, after a CAT scan it was determined I was 100% blockage and would require Polyp surgery..within two weeks I had the procedure done at ENT clinic..though given anxiety meds to relax..I did not take them, this was the best 20MIN I ever spent of my life and with minimal pain..I for the first time in at least 10yrs could breathe through my nose and not mouth. The staff is of excellence and Dr. Sikand is truly the best…of course I am partial to Samantha, she’s my ANGEL. Thank you ENT for a new “Sense” in life that I had forgotten existed.

“Dr. Sikand and his amazing staff have done so much for me. I have had extremely bad sinuses for as long as I can remember. He performed a sinus surgery to clear everything out. Before the procedure everything was explained and any concerns I had were addressed. This has been one of the best experiences at a Dr’s office for me.”

“There are not very many good doctors in Las Vegas, but Dr. Sikand is an exception. He told me exactly what to expect, how long the healing process was, and how important it was to follow his post-op instructions. He even called me the next day, which was Saturday, to see how I was doing! That was a first for me. I would recommend anyone to see Dr. Sikand. He and his staff are amazing. Thank you everyone.”

I spent years suffering through sinus infections, pain, and difficulty breathing before finally heading over to ENTC Nevada and seeing Dr. Sikand. He completed a balloon sinuplasty that has made a world of difference in my life. I’m finally able to breathe again! The office staff are incredibly friendly and professional, too. It is so nice to receive care from an entire office I can trust. Thank you!

After two years of dealing with chronic sinus infections and no energy, I had the balloon sinus dilation procedure and within four days I was able to return to my workouts with tons of energy. Dr. Sikand is fantastic! – Heather