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Sinus Lavage

Sinus lavage is a technique of washing out infected mucus, secretions and other products of inflammation from within the sinus. This technique is usually done in conjunction with removal of the obstruction and the sinus opening using balloon sinus dilation and polyp removal if necessary. The lavage technique notably removes all of the secretions from within the sinus but instills antibiotic solution within the sinus to assist in getting rid of the infection.

Patients with chronic sinusitis frequently have blocked or obstructed sinus openings. The sinuses continue to produce mucus, and then feel blocked. This mucus then becomes infected. Symptoms that can result from this include facial pain, pressure sinus and nasal congestion. You may also experience drainage towards the back of the throat.

At Nevada Sinus Relief, this technique is performed very comfortably within the office setting. A special device that uses suction to evacuate secretions from within the sinus and a multi-port "sprinkler system" to irrigate the sinus simultaneously is used to achieve excellent results in patients with chronic sinusitis.

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