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FAQ About Sinus Problems

Woman with a nose pain. Whether you have always had issues with your sinuses or this is a fairly new thing in your life, in your quest to find relief you probably have a lot of questions. Read on for some common questions people ask the experts at Nevada Sinus Relief!

Is It Allergies or a Sinus Infection?

This is an important question, because you need to know what the exact issue is before you can find a successful treatment! The symptoms of both can be similar, such as sinus headache, drainage, and congestion. The color of the drainage (green or yellow) and a lack of improvement with antihistamines can indicate that it is a sinus infection instead of allergies; your doctor will be able to tell you for sure.

Why Am I Suddenly Having Sinus Problems?

One reason you may be suddenly having problems with your sinuses when you never did before is that you may have an undiagnosed structural problem with your nose. For instance, you may not even realize that you have a deviated septum. When your nose swells up because of allergies, the openings in your sinuses become swollen and a sinus infection can become trapped in your sinuses because of your deviated septum, leading to constant problems.

Why Do I Have a Deviated Septum?

Many people think that the only cause of a deviated septum is trauma to the nose, so they never think it may be the cause of their problems if they’ve never had a nose injury. However, it is possible to have a deviated septum (in which the tissue in the nose is displaced so one side of the nose is smaller than the other) because of a condition you were born with or because of aging. Although having a deviated septum is very common, you may not even know you have one because there may be no symptoms or symptoms are very mild. A deviated septum can cause headaches, congestion, and sinusitis.

The most important question you probably have is: what can I do about these annoying sinus problems that just won’t go away? Nevada Sinus Relief can help! Call the office in Las Vegas, NV, at (702) 805-1550 for an appointment today!

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