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Do you suffer with fall allergies?

Woman in outdoors with handkerchief sneezing because of allergy Springtime is famous for causing allergies, but for some people autumn is just as bad, if not worse. Why do we have allergies when flowers aren’t throwing pollen into the air, and what can we do about them?

Fall allergens

Although trees and flowers are shutting everything down for the winter, there are still plenty of things that can cause allergies:

• Flowers and plants we like may be dying, but weeds don’t give up so easily. Ragweed doesn’t start pollinating until late August and doesn’t stop until the first hard freeze. It can travel for hundreds of miles on the wind, so you might be suffering with allergies even if you don’t see any ragweed around.

• Dead leaves can harbor pollen and mold, which get stirred up and get back into the air when leaves are raked (or when leaf piles are played in!).

• Mold spores might still be in the air if the weather is still a bit warm, and these are easily spread by wind.

• Dust mites are common in the summertime, but when you turn your heat on in the fall they can get stirred up into the air.

What can you do about fall allergies?

Some people may need some help determining what, exactly, they are allergic to, but other people know exactly what is causing the problem. Your doctor can help you figure out what you are allergic to and then can offer different treatment options, such as balloon sinuplasty to help your sinuses drain properly or nasal endoscopy to evaluate the nasal cavity for anything that might be causing a problem and making your reaction to allergies worse, such as nasal polyps.

A sinus rinse may also be recommended, either after you’ve had one of these treatments or just on its own. This is a product you can get over the counter to remove irritants, pollen, and excess mucus from the sinuses.

You might have thought that fall would provide some relief from your allergies, but perhaps you’ve been unpleasantly surprised. If you need some relief from your fall allergies, contact Nevada Sinus Relief in Las Vegas, NV, for an appointment. Call (702) 213-6468 today!

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