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Are your allergies causing your sinusitis?

Sinus pain sinus pressure sinusitis Sinusitis is a very common condition, and it can be caused by different things, such as nasal polyps, structural problems within the sinuses, or even the common cold. You might have sinusitis occasionally, or you may have it for a few months or more. It is important to determine why you have sinusitis so that the appropriate treatment can be found. If you’re wondering why your sinusitis is acting up, it may be because of an allergy.

What is sinusitis?

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the tissue within the sinuses that makes it difficult for fluid to drain out of the sinuses like it should. Symptoms of sinusitis include runny nose; fatigue; throbbing, painful headaches; pain in the forehead, cheeks, or around the eyes; nasal discharge; and even dental or ear pain. If you are allergic to something (even something quite harmless), your body reacts by producing allergens, which are supposed to help the body fight what you are allergic to but instead end up causing those annoying and sometimes painful allergy symptoms, and possibly also sinusitis.

If you suffer with sinusitis, it is important to determine what is causing the problem so you can be treated properly. For instance, if nasal polyps are the problem, you might not find any relief by taking an antihistamine. If it is determined that your sinusitis is caused by allergies, for best results and to find the right treatment, it is helpful to also know what you are allergic to. It may be something that is seasonal, such as tree or flower pollen or weeds, but it can also be something around your house, such as dust, mold, or pet dander. Part of your treatment may then involve avoiding what you are allergic to and finding the appropriate medication.

There can be many different causes of sinusitis, and you need an expert to help you determine why you have sinusitis, especially if it is a reoccurring problem. The staff at Nevada Sinus Relief can help you determine why you have sinusitis and then can help you to find relief. Call the office in Las Vegas, NV, at (702) 213-6468 for an appointment today!

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