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How do doctors determine if nasal blockages are present?

Nasal obstruction is common – one study estimated a prevalence of 25% in adults. However, determining the correct cause and selecting the right treatment to solve the problem is very important . Certainly ENT specialists have used examination with a telescope or endoscope as well as CT imaging to diagnose the problem and extent or severity of obstruction. These are subjective evaluations. Now, a new method that has recently been FDA approved may be used to determine the severity as well as region of nasal blockage. This method uses AI (artificial intelligence) to automatically assess and produce a report that computes the location and the site of the nasal obstruction. The analysis is easy to perform, covered by most insurance plans, comfortable and produces an objective analysis. Dr Ashley Sikand and Dr Brian Weeks developed the system called VisionAIr with their engineering team. Now computerized analysis of nasal breathing is a reality!

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