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New Medication For Sinus and Nasal Polyps

New medication for sinus and nasal polyps A new medication for sinus and nasal polyps has been introduced to help patients with this condition, especially when polyps are recurrent. Nasal and sinus polyps develop as a result of inflammation within the sinus and nasal mucus membrane. This inflammatory reaction, frequently due to severe allergies, results […]

Business Hours Vary Due To Covid-19

we’re here for you! Dr. Ashley Sikand and his staff hope that everyone is doing their part to stay healthy during these unforeseen times!  We want you all to know that we are here for you if you have an ear or sinus issue.  Dr. Sikand and Zonia Fiesta, APRN are seeing patients on a […]

Telemedicine at Nevada Sinus Relief

Telemedicine at Nevada Sinus Relief   Appointments for telemedicine at Nevada Sinus Relief are now available through Zoom!  The current Covid-19 pandemic has prompted physicians to search for new strategies to manage care for their patients. Telemedicine has emerged as a tool to evaluate and treat patients without the need to travel to a physician’s […]

The Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus Pandemic The Coronavirus pandemic is an outbreak of disease around the globe.  It is a novel virus that causes a respiratory tract (nose, sinuses, lung region) infection. It is highly contagious – more so than flu.  It is transmitted by carriers who sneeze, cough, or touch others close to them. Coronavirus or Covid-19 […]