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How Many Sinus Infections Are Too Many?

While it is quite common to have 1-2 “colds” per year, sinus symptoms that last 2 or more weeks at a time and occur 3 to 5 times a year are considered significant.  This should be further investigated to determine the cause.


Some people are prone to frequent sinus infections.  Sometimes structural problems that block sinus openings can be the cause.  Severe allergies can also be a factor. Although less common, problems with the immune system may precipitate frequent sinus problems.

Evaluation of frequent sinusitis includes history and physical exam including an endoscopic exam of the nose. Additionally, use of a mini-cat CT scan of the sinuses (offered at Nevada Sinus Relief) can be very helpful in determining partial or complete blockages of sinus openings caused by polyps, deviated septum or anatomical abnormalities. Allergy testing may also be beneficial.

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