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How much radiation from a CT scan of the sinuses?

Many people are concerned about receiving unnecessary or excessive radiation exposure because of the health risks it poses. We are also aware of this at Nevada Sinus Relief.  This is one reason we utilize the Xoran Mini-Cat CT scanner to evaluate sinus conditions and disease.  This scanner emits less than one third of the radiation dose as a conventional CT scanner for a sinus CT scan.

Radiation doses are measured in millisievert units (mSv).  By way of comparison, a conventional CT scanner emits 0.7 mSv units of radiation for a sinus CT scan.  The CT scanner at Nevada Sinus Relief emits only 0.18 mSv. A CT scan of the head requires 4 mSv and a chest x-ray 0.1 mSv.  Meanwhile, the atmospheric radiation dose that we all receive per year is approximately 3 mSv.

There is radiation all around us, including the soil.  Hopefully, this information will ease some of the concerns regarding radiation exposure for imaging studies.

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