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The Sinus Headache Conundrum

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Types of headaches including migraines headaches, cluster headaches and tension headaches can involve the forehead. Thus, causing a sinus headache.  However, sinus headaches are usually associated with sinus or nasal congestion as well as facial pressure over the cheek areas.

Types of headache

At times, a deviated nasal septum can be a cause of a headache.  This is because it either presses upon nerves in the nose that can trigger a headache. Also because it prevents normal sinus drainage and ventilation resulting in sinus pressure. 

In all cases it is important to perform a thorough physical examination of the nose, sinuses, head, and neck. Before making a diagnosis, imaging studies such as a CT (CAT) scan may be necessary. This will help distinguish if the headaches are due to nasal and sinus causes or the other causes of headaches listed above.

The correct diagnosis or cause of the headache is the most important thing for effective treatment.


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