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How Sinus Cultures Can Help Treat Sinusitis

Sinus,Ache,Causing,Very,Paintful,Headache.,Unhealthy,Woman,In,Pain. With over 30 million Americans experiencing sinusitis yearly, finding relief is important. However, rather than continually treating the symptoms, getting to the root cause of your sinusitis can provide longer-term freedom from sinus pressure, stuffiness, headache, and throat irritation. With sinus cultures, our team at Nevada Sinus Relief can unveil what’s happening in and around your sinuses and why they continually become inflamed, making you feel unwell.

What Is a Sinus Culture?

Sinus cultures, sometimes called nasopharyngeal cultures, are tests that determine what kinds of illness-causing organisms may be lingering in your sinuses.

A doctor administers the test, requesting that you first cough and then lean your head back. While in that tilted position, the doctor will insert a swab into your nasopharynx via the nostril. The swab has cotton on the tip, so while the test might feel uncomfortable for a moment, it shouldn’t hurt.

After rotating the swab, they will remove it and send it to a laboratory for further testing. This will provide data on the secretions behind your nose and upper throat.

When your sample arrives at the lab, it will go into a culture dish and be reviewed to see if organisms like viruses and bacteria develop.

Based on the results, your doctor can tell you whether you have bacteria in your system that can lead to COVID-19, influenza, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus or MRSA, meningococcal meningitis, and whooping cough.

How Can a Sinus Culture Treat Sinusitis?

While sinus cultures don’t directly treat sinusitis, they can help you understand which bacteria or viruses cause your sinusitis. From there, you can discuss treatment options with your doctor, such as getting on a specific medication or making lifestyle changes.

More Tips for Avoiding Sinusitis

Besides learning more about your sinus cultures, these other measures may help you stay free of sinus infections:

  • Maintain air moisture at home and work with a plug-in humidifier.
  • Drain your nose of extra mucus by bathing the nasal passages in saline sinus wash.
  • Keep hydrated so your sinuses don’t dry out.
  • Stay away from cigarette smoke, including secondhand smoke.
  • Wash your hands frequently.

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