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Migraine Headaches

Young woman suffering from migraine headaches at Are your migraine headaches caused by a sinus or nose problem? These types of headaches are common and can be debilitating. They are related to dilation of blood vessels around the brain and are characterized by throbbing pain around one eye, nausea, and worsening with bright light. Many factors can trigger a migraine. These include hormonal changes, stress, lack of sleep, alcohol, certain foods and environmental factors such as barometric pressure and poor air quality.

There is also an emerging body of medical literature that demonstrates nasal and sinus conditions may act as migraine triggers. These include sinusitis (inflammation and infection of the sinuses), as well as a deviated nasal septum or septal spur. Patients who suffer from migraine headaches should seek consultation with a neurologist specializing in headache management. To evaluate whether your migraines have a nasal or sinus trigger, schedule an evaluation at Nevada Sinus Relief where an assessment with a miniCAT CT scanner will determine if nasal condition are contributing to your migraine headaches.

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