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Telemedicine at Nevada Sinus Relief

telemedicine image Appointments for telemedicine at Nevada Sinus Relief are now available through Zoom!  The current Covid-19 pandemic has prompted physicians to search for new strategies to manage care for their patients.

Telemedicine has emerged as a tool to evaluate and treat patients without the need to travel to a physician’s office. While the face to face office visit remains irreplaceable because of the ability to perform a physical exam and ancillary testing as well as render direct treatment, telemedicine may serve to provide vital services and limit patient visits during the pandemic.

For example, telemedicine can help to screen patients and direct outpatient care. The visit may also serve to optimize medical treatment, review treatment options, and discuss questions the patient may have about their condition or its management.

At Nevada Sinus Relief, our team is committed to taking care of our patients during this challenging time. We are confident that telemedicine can become an important tool in helping care for our patients.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, please contact the practice at (702) 792-6700 extension 1105 or send an email to nevadasinusrelief@gmail.com.

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