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The Telling Signs of Nasal Valve Collapse

sinus relief Experiencing difficulty when breathing is more than an irritating inconvenience. It is an issue that can negatively impact multiple aspects of your life, such as sleeping and eating. The reasons you may find it difficult to breathe well are numerous. It can be due to one nasal deformity or a combination of sorts. This blog addresses one possible cause: nasal valve collapse.

5 Signs You Have Nasal Valve Collapse

The symptoms of nasal valve collapse are many. We have narrowed down our list of symptoms for your convenience. Should you need further information, please call our office using the number below.

Stuffy Nose

Seasonal allergies affect the majority of the population. Thus, it can be difficult to ascertain whether your nasal congestion is a symptom of nasal valve collapse or an allergic reaction to air pollutants.


An obstruction in the passageway from your nasal passages to your lungs is what makes people snore. If you have started snoring recently and other explanations, such as obesity, are not at the root, one or both of your nasal valves may have collapsed.

Nose Bleeds

Otolaryngologists have long since associated nosebleeds with nasal valve collapse when there is not another readily identifiable answer. Crust frequently forming around your nostrils may occur as well if your nasal valves have collapsed.

Mouth Breathing

Difficulty breathing through your nose is a commonly observed sign of nasal valve collapse. It is uncomfortable to breathe through nasal passages where the airway is obstructed because your lungs do not receive enough oxygen when your airways are obstructed. Your body responds to this dilemma by causing you to breathe through your mouth.

Discomfort During Exercises

Your lungs require more oxygen when you exercise. Less oxygen can freely flow into your lungs when the lateral wall(s) of your nose is damaged. Therefore, being short of breath or struggling to breathe when you exercise may be indicative of nasal valve collapse.

Nasal Valve Repair Surgery in Las Vegas, NV

Nasal valve collapse can worsen over time. Even if your condition does not worsen, you will continue to experience discomfort and difficulty breathing unless you get surgery. Nasal valve collapse requires surgery because the lateral nasal wall does not repair itself naturally. To receive excellent care from a seasoned otolaryngologist, such as Dr. Sikand, schedule a consultation with Nevada Sinus Relief at 702-805-1550.

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