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What Is Nasal Turbinate Enlargement?

Positive,Otorhinolaryngologist,Checking,Nose,Of,His,Patient Nasal turbinates are small cylindrical-shaped tubes within the nose that work to filter and humidify air. When these tubes become enlarged, it can become hard to breathe. Nasal turbinate enlargement is often a temporary problem that resolves once the trigger is eliminated. However, in other cases, the lower nasal turbinates can become permanently swollen, a condition known as inferior turbinate hypertrophy. This can lead to difficulty breathing and other nasal conditions. Keep reading to learn more about possible treatment options for nasal turbinate enlargement from Nevada Sinus Relief.

What Causes Nasal Turbinate Enlargement?

Many different factors can cause the condition to develop. Some people’s nasal turbinates enlarge as a result of seasonal allergies. Environmental irritants–like pet dander, dust, and dust mites–can also cause the condition. Those who experience chronic sinus inflammation can also develop nasal turbinate enlargement.

Treating Nasal Turbinate Enlargement

Thankfully, there are options to treat nasal turbinate enlargement that can help your breathing return to normal. Some people find relief from simply using a humidifier in their bedroom at night to restore moisture to the nasal turbinates. Nasal rinses with salt water can also help. If you are experiencing nasal turbinate enlargement, contact a sinus doctor for a professional diagnosis and to discuss your treatment options.

If more conservative treatment options are ineffective, steroid nasal sprays are a popular choice for the treatment of nasal turbinate enlargement. You may also benefit from allergy treatment, which can help shrink the nasal turbinates.

In some cases, turbinate reduction or modification may be required for people who do not respond to other forms of treatment. This procedure can help to open up the airways and improve breathing. Plus, turbinate reduction can be combined with surgery for a deviated septum. Some people find that combining these two procedures allows them to breathe through their nose more easily.

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