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What To Do About Frequent Sinus Infections

Healthy sinus versus sinus disease

Recurring sinus infections can be quite frustrating and usually require frequent medication and possibly time off work or school.  These infections normally result in symptoms of facial pressure and headache, as well as nasal congestion.  Infections that occur 4 or more times a year are classified as recurrent acute sinusitis.


Previously, treatment for recurrent acute sinusitis, beyond antibiotics and decongestants to treat each episode, consisted of traditional sinus surgery to enlarge the natural openings of the sinuses to prevent obstruction of sinus drainage that leads to recurrent infection.  This required surgery under general anesthesia in the hospital or surgical facility.

Now, a less invasive technology using balloon sinus dilation under comfortable local anesthesia in the office setting is available.  Recently, Dr. Sikand authored a study that compared use of the balloon sinus dilation technique in the office setting to ongoing medical treatment.  Results indicated a significant benefit for patients when balloon dilation was used.

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