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When To Consider Sinus Surgery

When Is It Time To Consider Sinus Surgery?

It is time to consider sinus or nasal surgery when medical treatment is insufficient to resolve symptoms. In general, those symptoms consist of nasal obstruction, sinus congestion, difficulty breathing through the nose, facial pressure and discomfort, as well as postnasal drainage. If the symptoms last for at least 12 weeks despite medical treatment, you should be evaluated for further management. Medical treatment typically consists of intranasal steroid sprays such as Flonase or Nasacort, sinus saline rinses, and appropriate antibiotic treatment.

Sometimes a problem with the nasal anatomy may cause obstruction or issues with nasal breathing. These include a deviated nasal septum, collapse of the nasal valve, enlarged turbinates, or nasal and sinus polyps. In addition, persistent sinus infection resulting in inflammation in the sinuses and nose can cause symptoms.  Antibiotics as well as anti-inflammatory medication may not be enough to resolve the infection. Usually, all of these conditions are well treated with a nasal or sinus procedure such as those discussed in other areas of the Nevada Sinus Relief blog and website.

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