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The journey towards establishing Nevada Sinus Relief as a center focused on care of patients with sinus problems began with the objective of merging customized and personal medical care with the best advances in technology based on research and outcomes. Let’s start with the advent of balloon catheter dilation of the sinus openings to relieve obstructed or blocked sinuses.

This technology was first conceived by Dr. Joshua Makower in Palo Alto, California.  Dr. Makower reached out to Dr. Winston Vaughn (Cal Sinus Institute) to assist in the research. Dr. Sikand had known Dr. Vaughn since their training days at California Ear Institute at Stanford, and it was not long after the first balloon sinus system was developed that the technique was brought to Nevada.

Next, Dr. Sikand started to research applications of the balloon sinus dilation technology and published the first articles on in-office use of balloon sinus dilation.   Finding excellent results and outcomes with this technique, Dr. Sikand advanced in-office sinus surgical techniques and has contributed significantly to the scientific literature on the subject through numerous published articles in the leading peer reviewed journals.

In addition to the mission of achieving optimal patient outcomes and contributing objectively to sinus treatment through research, Nevada Sinus Relief has been a designated Center of Excellence for training sinus surgeons and ENT physicians. Starting in 2008 with Johnson and Johnson and now partnering with Stryker Instruments, Dr. Sikand and his staff have trained hundreds of otolaryngologists in office based sinus surgery, use of balloon dilation technology, advanced anesthesia techniques and image guided (GPS) surgery.

At Nevada Sinus Relief, we remain committed to the goal of achieving the best results for patients. We thank the hundreds of patients who have participated in our published studies and the tens of thousands that have entrusted us with their care.
-Ashley Sikand, MD, FACS

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