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Recurrent Sinusitis

Recurrent Sinusitis


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Do you suffer from multiple sinus infections every year? If you require treatment for a sinus infection four or more times a year you may fall into a category known as recurrent acute sinusitis. There may be different reasons for recurring infections including immune problems or allergies. However, many people with recurrent acute sinusitis have narrowing or partial blockage of the sinuses that makes them susceptible to infection. This is because the normal drainage and ventilation of the sinuses is impaired due to a restriction or blockage in the opening of that sinus.

Nevada Sinus Relief was involved in a multi-center study to determine if a minimally invasive in office treatment for recurrent sinus infections called in office balloon sinus dilation would be effective in preventing recurring infection and improve sinus symptoms. The study demonstrated that treatment with balloon sinus dilation in the office along with medical management of allergies or nasal inflammation was superior to medical management and treating this type of sinus condition. While longer-term studies are necessary to further evaluate this treatment modality this initial study was promising and demonstrating effectiveness of treatment within the first year.

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