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New Medication For Sinus and Nasal Polyps

A new medication for sinus and nasal polyps has been introduced to help patients with this condition, especially when polyps are recurrent. Nasal and sinus polyps develop as a result of inflammation within the sinus and nasal mucus membranes. This inflammatory reaction, frequently due to severe allergies, results in changes in the lining of the sinuses that produce polyps. Certain chemical substances are produced due to an allergic reaction. These chemicals can cause the development of polyps.

The drug Dupixent (Dupilimab) is a biological medication that blocks the production of certain chemical substances that produce polyps and cause inflammation (interleukin 4). Therefore, it may help prevent or reduce polyp formation. It is an option for patients who tend to produce recurrent polyps (after initial removal) and do not respond to regular allergy treatments. Certainly an option for some of our patients!

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