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Sinus Infections Versus Tooth Ache

Sinus infections and tooth ache: is there a relationship?   It turns out, the upper molar teeth are inserted into the floor of the maxillary or cheek sinuses. Because these areas are so close, a sinus infection or other form of sinus disease may irritate the nerves that supply the upper back teeth. This may […]

Sinus Infections: Do over the counter medications help?

Sinus infections may occur: after a virus causes a cold or upper respiratory tract infection with a severe episode of allergies when bacteria enters into the sinus areas All of these events result in swelling of the normal mucous membrane that surrounds sinus openings. This causes a blockage or obstruction of sinus drainage that can […]

How Many Sinus Infections Are Too Many?

While it is quite common to have 1-2 “colds” per year, sinus symptoms that last 2 or more weeks at a time and occur 3 to 5 times a year are considered significant.  This should be further investigated to determine the cause.   Some people are prone to frequent sinus infections.  Sometimes structural problems that […]

In-office balloon sinus dilation vs medical therapy for recurrent acute rhinosinusitis

Summary:  In this randomized controlled study, we evaluated 24-week outcomes for in-office balloon sinus dilation (BSD) performed in office with medical management (MM) as compared with medical management only for patients with recurrent acute sinusitis. To read the full publication, please click on the following link:  IFAR Article IO BSD vs Med Therapy For RARS Nov […]

Nasal breathing vs. mouth breathing-does one help better with memory?

A new article reported in the Journal of Neuroscience concluded that breathing through the nose results in improved memorization abilities versus breathing through the mouth.  The study was conducted at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden which is world-renowned in the area of neuroscience and neurology. Breathing through the nose is also healthier because it […]

What To Do About Frequent Sinus Infections

Recurring sinus infections can be quite frustrating and usually require frequent medication and possibly time off work or school.  These infections normally result in symptoms of facial pressure and headache, as well as nasal congestion.  Infections that occur 4 or more times a year are classified as recurrent acute sinusitis.   Previously, treatment for recurrent […]

When To Consider Eustachian Tube Dilation Procedure

Ear fullness, ear pressure, or a popping sensation in the ear that occurs with changes in altitude are signs of eustachian tube dysfunction.  The eustachian tube is the pressure equalizing tube between the nose and the ear. Until recently, patients were only treated with medications, primarily directed towards allergy management such as intranasal steroids, antihistamines, […]

How To Use NeilMed Sinus Rinse

Use of saline to wash or lavage the sinuses is of significant benefit to patients with sinus problems. We, at Nevada Sinus Relief, recommend use of hypertonic buffered saline available over the counter as Neil Med Sinus Rinse.  The solution gently removes excess or viscous mucus, pollen and other irritants that can cause allergies and […]

A Runny Nose Solution

Chronic rhinitis is inflammation of the nose lining that results in excessive mucous production causing a runny nose. Patients who suffer from allergies or other types of chronic rhinitis who do not have a good response with medications may be candidates.  A new FDA approved technology called the Clarifix device  aims to help reduce rhinorrhea.  […]

BSD vs Medical Therapy for Recurrent Acute Rhinosinusitis

Summary: Impactful study showing effectiveness of office-based treatment to prevent recurring sinus infections. Download full publication: Coming Soon! Currently being published in the International Forum of Allergy and Rhinology

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